Mcdonals and vegetarians


Invention blog :
The issue I will conduct research on and write about is Mcdonalds and vegetarians. I will research the problems that mcdonalds has had in the past, effects their food have gave people , and why they really don’t have labels. The reason I picked this problem is because since I have been reading Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser, I have been paying more attention to the fast food and noticed that not one food wrapper or cartage has a food label saying what it contains. With no food labels we don’t really know what we are putting into our mouths, this is what attracted me to this problem because on page 278 the issue was about a jainism man Hitesh Shah who’s religion prohibits them to eat or wear animal products, not to mention is also a vegetarian ate mcdonalds french fries and found out they had animal products for flavor. He was then very angry because he went againts his religion but really didn’t know until he read it in Fast Food Nation. Mcdonalds lost a costumer who regularly went there to eat due to this. I believe everything should come with food labels just like the grocerys we buy at the store so we can know what we are going to put in our mouths to eat. Not knowing what is in the food doesn’t only affect vegetarians, it also affects people who are allergic to certain ingredients.

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